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The best Solutions for all e-Commerce businesses. Search engine optimization plan for serious business growth and brand awareness.

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Here is a list of strategies included in our packages and how they can help you

Meta Information Optimization


It is very important to understand that drives search engines optimization. The metadata is within the head element and provides information about the content of the page. It is data about data. Metadata will not be displayed on the page. It is used by search engines to collect information about the page. Metadata has an attribute, value, and description. The name specifies the type of metadata that is added on the document like description, keywords, viewport, author, subject, robots. The description depends on the value and the attribute.

You need this because If you have missing or wrong metadata on your website you won’t rank well, and relatively you won’t get more visitors to turn into customers, and increase sales. Metadata helps for communication between your website, and search engines. If you are missing metadata you are missing a lot. 

Metadata helps search engines understand better what is your website about. When web crawlers visit a page they go through the metadata first, they read your title, description. Metadata helps search engines to index your website in the right category, and relatively show in relevant results.

metadata example

Meta information contains information about the web page. Meta information is the data that search engines use to categorize your content. <meta> element lives inside of the <head> element of a web page.

Meta Titles, or title tag

The title tag is an HTML element that is placed in the section of the HTML document. The title tag sets the text that is displayed in the tab for the page in the web browser. The title should include at least one keyword you want the page to rank for. Each page has a unique title element that describes the content of the page. 

This title is used by search engines for search engine optimization. The title tag appears in the results of a search, and as anchor text and a title in social shares. Most search engines do not display more than 65 characters.

You need this because the title tag is the first thing that users see on the search engine result page (SERP). If you sell cookies, and you have a title tag “HELLO” on a product page it will definitely not rank you higher. Imagine if you see a pill with no name. Would you take it? Most likely users won’t visit a page without a title tag, or a title tag they are not interested in.

title tag example

Meta description

Meta descriptions help increase clicks in search results. That increases the chance to get more customers on your website. It should be unique for each page of your website. It should summarize the content of the page. A meta description is equally important with the title tag. It appears underneath the title on the search results and has to be very clear and provide information about the page.

You need this because it determines if a visitor will click, or not on your web page.

meta description example

robot meta tags

Search Engines are using robots to crawl your pages. A page has to be crawled in order to be indexed and shown in the search results. Search engines by default index content and follow links. The robot meta tags give instructions to web robots which parts of a domain can be crawled by a robot. 

There are good bots and bad bots that you have to choose from. The top 10 bots and web crawlers are GoogleBot (for Google), Bingbot (for Bing), Slurp Bot (for Yahoo), DuckDuckBot (for DuckDuckGo), Baiduspider (for Baidu- Chinese search engine), Sogou Spider (for a Chinese search engine), Yandex Bot (for Yandex- Russian search engine), Alexa crawler (for Amazon’s Alexa).

You need this because There are good bots and bad bots that you have to choose from. By placing Robot.txt at the root of your web server you can disallow user-agents that can affect in a negative way your website like slow down your site, and server. 


We analyze your content and page structure very carefully and create a strategy for keyword optimization. Every month you will receive a report with the number of keywords your domain ranks for and the URL position in Google search. We break up existing keyword and ranking data for your website from multiple reliable sources, as well as lists of top-ranking pages so that we can work with these keywords. 

On every page of your website, there are key places where the keywords have to be included in order to improve page discoverability. These places are page title, web address, content, headings, link text, image alt text, page description.

You need this because more keywords and higher position on (SERP) search engine result page leads to more website visits and relatively conversions (sales). Keyword research is an extensive SEO service that has a huge impact on website traffic.

Keywords optimization

Media optimization

Include videos and photo optimization. Search engines rely on you to provide accurate descriptions of images in alt text and text for videos. The text can be accessed by those with visual and/or physical impairment. The markup on a page helps both search engines and assistive technologies (AT) like screen readers to understand what elements are on a page. We make sure that the images on your site follow the image best practice. We pick images that support your content.

You need this because image and video optimization has become a powerful SEO tool. When you sell a product online the ALT tag of an image has to describe what is on the picture. Search engines and visually impaired users do not see your pictures. That is why ALT text is very important to describe the function and the appearance of an image on a webpage. Use alt text that describes your image. 

alt tag optimization

Competitor Analysis

We discover who your current competitors are and provide real data on how they are performing online. This is a powerful strategy to see what works for them and create a better brand presentation. Plan a content strategy to improve your level of findability for more terms that people are searching for.

You need this because a competitor analysis is important. It helps you monitor your competitors, what they do, and how they perform. Knowing their weaknesses and strengths will help you create better strategies to bring new customers to your business.

competitor analysis strategy

Mobile User Experience Check and report

Today everyone has smartphones with them, and they look for information online most of the time through it. Almost all indexing on your site comes from the mobile site. We make sure that your mobile site contains the same content as your desktop site.

You need this because having a mobile-friendly website is critical for your online presence. Mobile-friendly websites improve user experience and increase lead generation.

mobile friendly

Internal, External Links, and site structure optimization.

HTML is called the structured language, or standard markup language, and it defines the structure of a webpage. A great way to provide search engines with information about your site is the proper use of tags, headings, subheadings, paragraphs, and more. When creating a web page, you add tags to the content. These tags provide extra meaning and allow browsers to show a better structure of the page.  Search engines do not look only at what appears on your website. They also consider how many sites link to you, how many internal links you have, and the URL structure. Short URLs perform better.

You need this because site structure is important because it makes the job of the search engine bots easier. With the right website structure, you increase your chances to rank higher, offer a better user experience, and attract new customers. 

code html


Initial Website Analysis Report, Website recommendations, Pre SEO Ranking Report, Competitor Analysis

You need this because that helps you understand where your weaknesses are. The keyword document gives you existing keywords your website is ranking for so you can easily see what else in your content needs improvement. The competitor report gives you a clear perspective on your current business level, and what can be done to stay on top of your competitors.

website performance
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