The Best Image Size For Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok

Whether you write articles or product descriptions, you always need images. Adding photos to your content help readers better understand it. It is always recommended to use original images taken by you.

Here is the best image size for:

  • Facebook Ad-1200x628px
  • Facebook Cover-1640x924px
  • Facebook Event Cover-1920x1080px
  • Facebook Post-940x788px
  • Facebook Shops Ad-1200x628px
  • Instagram Post-1080x1080px
  • Instagram Reel Video-1080x1920px
  • Pinterest Pin-1000x1500px
  • Pinterest Video Pin-1000x1500px
  • TikTok Video-1080x1920px
  • TikTok Background-1080x1920px
  • TikTok In-Feed Ad-1080x1920px

Choose the right image format. PNG file type has some advantages over JPEG and is that the compression is lossless, and they support transparency. We suggest you use PNG in product photography. Use JPEG when you want to create a smaller file size. Have in mind that in JPEG file format the compression is lossy. When you add an image to your website don’t forget the alt text. If the image for some reason cannot be displayed the alt text will be in help. Make sure the alt text describes the image.

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