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Search engines matter if you have a website

This is how your website looks like for all internet users

asking person on the street

Driving, you see a person crossing the street. You stop and ask about a restaurant. 

Hi, I am looking for a restaurant that serves Italian food. Can you please help with a location? 

Driving a car

This person is like the search engine for all internet users. Everything you type or voice search in the search box are the keywords, or in our case,  “Italian restaurant.”

Italian restaurant

Now, this polite person tells you about 30 Italian restaurants in the city. These 30 Italian restaurants are like the pages you see underneath the search bar on your search engine. I suggest you will start driving to the closest Italian Restaurant. On the search engine, those are the pages that rank higher. Or in our case, you will visit the page that ranks number one for a restaurant that serves Italian food.

Italian restaurants

You go there, and unfortunately, you find out that they don’t have chocolate cake. And you ask the hostess – “Is there any chance you can help me find an Italian Restaurant that serves Bolognese and chocolate cake?

“Italian Restaurant that serves Bolognese and chocolate cake” -This is called long-tail keywords.

Italian restaurant cake

She gives you information about ten more restaurants that serve the food you are looking for. And most likely you will go to the closest one, and when you find what you are looking for you will sit and have this fantastic lunch. It might not be the restaurant that your friend suggested for you, and it won’t be the restaurant at the farthest distance. This is how internet users search for places and information on the internet, and when they find satisfactory information they stop searching for more.

That explains how internet users search for information on the internet. When they find what they are looking for, they won’t go to pages 4, 5, or 6. SEO is the most powerful tool to help visitors find you. To rank on the first or second page on the search engines for targeted keywords is a process that includes flawless content oriented to your target audience. Once you reach your audience, you have to offer a good user experience to convert the audience into subscribers or customers. Creating a Better Visitor Experience involves pages that load fast, look nice, provide the information visitors need, mobile-friendly pages, and more. 

Here where the SEO comes to help you deliver the right information to the search engines. This information has to include essential points that search engines use to rank your website and display results. 

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